Nîmes Arena

Close to restaurant SKAB, Nîmes Arena, dated from the 1st century of our era, is one of the most preserved of the Roman world. Nîmes Arena shows perfectly the degree of excellence reached by the roman engineers to build that edifice. The must-see of our beautiful town. Some discoveries where the aesthetical emotions stay intact.

Musée de la Romanité (Museum of the Roman world)

In front of the restaurant SKAB and the Romanian amphitheatre, Le Musée de la Romanité with its glass corrugated facade, reminiscent a mosaic, allows us to live a unique experience for a travel into the past. All the history of the Romanian Nîmes, from the 7th century before JC to the middle age, across an immersive museography and scenography. An inescapable visit back when the city was Romanian.

Maison Carrée (The Square House)

Inspired by the Apollon and Mars Ultor temple at Rome, la Maison Carrée seduces us by the harmony of its proportion. The only antique temple completely preserved in the world, built between 20 and 12 before J.C., la Maison Carrée dominated the Forum, it was the administrative and economic heart of the Romanian city. Magnificent temple built under Auguste; he has welcomed the cult dedicated to the imperial family. To learn more about the history of Maison Carrée : www.maisoncarree.eu

Les Jardins de la Fontaine (The Gardens of the Fountain)

In the heart of the city, Les Jardins de la Fontaine are located near the old fortification of the Romanian town of Nîmes. The gardens extend on 15 ha and decline in two parts: a first classical garden created at the 17th century and a landscaped garden with a Mediterranean style developed at the 19th century. Magnificent parc from the 18th century, it was prepared around the sacred source of Nemausus who gave his name to the town and offers today an oasis of calm and greenery. A walk loved by the family of Nîmes, sportsman, tourists and everyone that seeks inspiration.

La Tour Magne (The Magne Tower)

Impressive! It stands on the highest point of the town, the Mont Cavalier, dominates the whole plain and attracts the ways of communication. The Tour Magne is the only vestige that is from the old Augustan fortification of Nîmes. The emperor Auguste has made it twice higher and incorporated it in the defence enclosure of the town. When the inhabitants will leave the heights, the tower will still have its military role. 140 steps for a breathtaking view of Nîmes and its surrounding.

Le Pont du Gard (The Bridge of the Gard)

Registered on the Unesco World Hertitage List since 1985, the inevitable visit of the Gard: Exceptional antique monument, this huge aqueduct bridge is one the most impressive vestige of the Romanian Gaule.