The entire a LA CARTE and MENUS proposed by SKAB restaurant change every season and may be modified according to the arrival of fresh produce. 

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Alban our sommelier

Damien Sanchez, le chef du restaurant gastronomique SKAB à Nîmes, Gard.

Damien our chef

Damien Sanchez, the restaurant’s chef and Maître Restaurateur, is keen to offer SKAB’s customers a gourmet cuisine based on seasonal and fresh produce, thus promoting local food and traditional cooking. 
With each new season, Damien Sanchez is working on new recipes, creations,dishes and ingredients never before served at the SKAB table.  

On his side Alban Barbette, the sommelier, is constantly looking for new wines, he tests the wines in the cellar of the gourmet restaurant SKAB that will go with the new menu and tastes the vintages that will come to support the cellar. 

Regularly, Alban Barbette goes in search of new wines which will be allied perfectly with the new dishes.