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Tomatoes from « Les Cailloux » three ways : tempura, cubes, sorbet. Thinly sliced squid with Cevennes pimento. 35€

Britany lobster (1/2), green beans stew with lobster meat in crispy potato, tarragon and potato foam with lobster sauce. 37€

Foie gras terrine, artichoke barigoule and canneloni with truffle. Summer truffle shavings. 42€

Warm oysters like a lasagna, cauliflower puree, carrot and parsnip, creamy oyster sauce with caviar. 36€



Red mullet stuffed with “andouille”. Zucchini flower and spelt risotto with mature parmesan. Curry scented zucchini crispy cake. Red wine and fish bones sauce. 50€

Seared tuna. Creamy aubergine, polenta and coriander in a crispy tube. Teriyaki butter sauce. 55€

Guineafowl breast stuffed with chard, lemon and confit tomato. Chard and pea tart. Meat juice. 47€

Slice of roasted veal rack. Red beetroot and ratte potatoes gnocchi.  Confit veal shank fritter. Meat juice with summer truffle. 52€

Aubrac beef fillet like a Wellington, peas cream, wine sauce with summer truffle. 55€



Cheese Platter from Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio . 20 €

Apricot: Roasted apricot and caramelized clafoutis. Almond milk panacotta. Lavender ice cream. 23€

Peach : White peach poached in verbena, on a peach jelly. Shortbread and verbena mousse. Verbena sherbet. 23€

Chocolate : In a chocolate “shell”, sachertorte & creamy chocolate. Crispy praline &  chocolate mousse truffles, cocoa sherbet. 23€

Soufflé : Lemon soufflé. Sugar blown lemon stuffed with madeleine and “Buddha’s hand” cream. Lemon ice cream. 23€


 The Carte and Menus of gourmet Restaurant SKAB in Nîmes are regularly renewed to serve only fresh and seasonal products.