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Pan fried scallops. Autumn vegetables with truffle. Jerusalem artichoke custard with truffle. Rutabaga ravioli. 44€

Cevenne chilli tart with pike and crayfish dumpling. Roasted mushrooms and hazelnuts. Crayfish bisque. 37€

On a creamy butternut squash: butternut cubes, chicken wings seasoned with a lemon vinaigrette. Butternut foam into a bread tube. 35€

Warm oysters like a lasagna, cauliflower puree, carrot and parsnip, creamy oyster sauce with caviar. 36€



Seabass three ways : grilled rib, tartar and steamed cube. Soft leek. Whipped butter sauce carrot and cumin scented. 54€

Pan fried john dory fillet, Camargue’s black rice. Autumn vegetables and “trompette” mushrooms. Coco and curry foamy sauce. 47€

Pan roasted bull fillet. Crispy slow cooked bull meat. Crunchy bull cheek and chard. Onions cannelloni with meat juice. 48€

Roasted wild pigeon supreme. Parsley crust confit leg. Salsify. Wild pigeon juice with ceps. 54€

Hare two ways: Fillet like a terrine. Stew of confit Leg. Truffle gnocchis, mushrooms casserole. 58€



Cheese Platter from Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio . 20 €

Mandarin : Confit and creamy mandarin on almond duja. Cinnamon milk mousse. Blown sugar sphere filled with mandarin foam. Mandarin sherbet. 23€

Pineapple : Roasted pineapple and cannelloni. Pain de Sucre pineapple cubes. Bourbon vanilla custard in a citrus fruits tube. Pineapple sherbet. 23€

Chocolate-CoffeeSugar chocolate tube filled with coffee entremet, cocoa shortbread and coffee cream. Balls of chocolate mousse and coffee meringue. Coffee ice cream. 23€

Soufflé : Manjari chocolate soufflé. Chocolate cake and cocoa sherbet. 23€


 The Carte and Menus of gourmet Restaurant SKAB in Nîmes are regularly renewed to serve only fresh and seasonal products.