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On a peppered biscuit, slice of foie-gras mi-cuit, Sherry steamed leak, spinach whipped cream and some grilled pine nuts. 43€

Lasagne style warm oysters, cauliflower puree, carrot and parsnip, creamy oyster sauce with caviar. 36€

Olive oil roasted scampi, crispy cube garnished with sand-grown carrot, Armorican sauce. 40€

Crispy green asparagus, buckwheat tube with white asparagus foam. Bread crumbed quail egg, Wing and “oyster” from butter roasted chicken. Cream of Grapefruit. 35€


John Dory fillet pan fried, melting white asparagus, crispy timbale with asparagus pieces. Lemon scented butter sauce. 49€

Meagre fish poached. Fregola sarda pasta and spring vegetables. Meagre tempura. Fennel foam. 47€

Roasted Provence lamb rack slice and saddle. Oriental flavoured potato roll. Greek yogurt barbajuan. Lamb juice with a touch of harissa. 53€

Veal rack pan roasted. Tarragon Ratte potatoes puree, artichoke heart with veal sweetbread. Meat juice. 49€

Roasted pigeon breast, confit pigeon leg and carrot foam in a crispy tube. Some asparagus.Morel scented pigeon sauce. 55€


Cheese Platter from Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio . 20 €

In an opaline ring, quarters of strawberry, confit fennel bulb,marshmallow strawberry. Strawberry ice cream. 23€

Crispy passion fruit and mango tubes, coconut meringue, roasted pineapple cannelloni, fresh mango. Ginger and coconut ice cream. 23€

Chocolate: Between two sheets of Manjari, cacao biscuit. Creamy chocolate and cacao whipped cream. Chocolate/nuts croquette. Cacao sorbet 23€

Soufflé :Creamy and soufflé buddha’s hand. Italian meringue. Lemon ice cream. 23€

The Carte and Menus of gourmet Restaurant SKAB in Nîmes are regularly renewed to serve only fresh and seasonal products.