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Tomatoes from « Les Cailloux » in different ways,
thinly sliced squid with Cevennes pimento.
Marinated sardines in white balsamic vinegar on an algae bread chip.

Lasagne style warm oysters, cauliflower puree,
carrot and parsnip, creamy oyster sauce with caviar. 38€

Olive oil roasted scampi,
crispy cube garnished with sand-grown carrot, Armorican sauce. 40€

Semi-cooked foie gras coated with saffron jelly.
Jerusalem artichoke three ways: creamy, cube and foam. Saffron ice cream 36€


Pan fried john dory fillet. Crushed aubergine and polenta in a crispy tube.
Creamy broccoli and ginger. Teriyaki butter sauce. 49€

Seabass in two ways: Steamed and tartare in a leek cannelloni.
Creamy lettuce with Sherry, caper leaf. Condiment butter sauce. 48€

Roasted Provence lamb rack slice and saddle.
Oriental flavoured potato roll. Greek yogurt barbajuan. Lamb juice with a touch of harissa. 53€

Piece of veal cut from the rump, pan roasted.
ourgette flower stuffed with black rice from “the Camargue” with cream of sweet pepper. Confit veal chuck with escabeche sauce in a crispy tube. 49€


Cheese Platter from Monsieur Vergne and goat cheese from Mr Rio . 20 €

On a duja biscuit, roasted apricot honey, almond diplomat and sorbet,
florentine tuile. 23€

On a thin tart, verbena white poached peach, sponge cake, crispy redcurrant spheres.
Cold peach soup scented with olive oil. Verbena sorbet. 23€

On a feuilletine biscuit, creamy chocolate and Manjari ganache.
Chocolate cannelloni. Cacao sorbet with crumble pieces. 23€

Combawa lemon soufflé,
green lemon and caviar lemon cannelloni, combawa ice cream. 23€

The Carte and Menus of gourmet Restaurant SKAB in Nîmes are regularly renewed to serve only fresh and seasonal products.